Drum Lesson

Drum Lessons Program Structure

(Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Students)
Module 1

Memorize Sounds of Each, Start with Bass Drum, Snare and hihat
Verbal Counting 4 in Steady Tempo
Quarter Note on Lap in Steady Tempo
Test: Quarter Notes on Kick Only. Snare Only. Hihat Only
Quarter Note with Kick and Hihat.
Kick Snare Kick Snare Quarter Notes
Quarter Beat with Kick Snare Hihat
Introduce toms and Crash
Quarter Fill on SD T1 T2 T3 Land on Crash
Use Actual Song Practicing Quarter Beats

Module 2

Building Eighth Beat Rhtym Patterns:
Counting of Eight Beat.. 1 n 2 n 3 n 4 n
Play Eight Eight notes on the Hihat
Play and Eight Beat
Play an Eight Fill in on Floor Tom and Snare then land on Crash
Use Actual Song Practicing Eight Beats

Module 3

Different Eight Beats:
Introduce Ride Cymbal

Module 4

Intermediate :
Introduce 16 th Notes
Introduce 16 th notes Hihats on rhythm Patterns
Introduce Single Strokes, and Double Stroke Exercises
Practice with Actual Songs

Module 5

Rhythm Patterns with Sixteenth Values on Bass Drums
Fillins With Sixteenth Notes
Master Fluidity Musical Combinations of Rhthm Patters with 16 th Notes Level
Develop further Singles and Double Strokes
Practice With Actual Songs

Module 6

Introduce 5 Stroke Exercise
Use 5 Stroke in Hihat to Snare
Use 5 Stroke in Snare Fill Ins
Practice With Actual Songs

Module 7

Introduce Triplet Based Rhythms: Shuffle, Boogie, Swing

Rhythm Variations and Fill-ins
Play Actual Songs

Module 8

Advanced (Modules 8 onwards)
6 Stroke Roll
Use in Fill Ins
Looping 6 Stroke Roll 60 – 120 bpm

Module 9

Mastering Paradiddle
Introducing Ghost Notes in 8 th Beat Patterns
Ghost Notes in 16 th note-based Patterns

Module 10

Ghost Notes in Triplet Based Rhythms
Non 4/4 Time Signature Rhythms. 6/8 and 12/8
Fill-ins 4 over 2 in 16 th notes, and in 16 th triplets
Performance Recital/Showcase


Junjun Regalado III

Junjun Regalado III

Online Drum Instructor

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