Piano Lesson

Piano Lessons Program Structure

(Basic Piano Lessons for ages 5-18 years old and for Refreshers)
Module 1

Getting to know the instrument – the PIANO
Right Posture in Playing
Right hand-position in playing the piano
Knowing the Alphabet of Music

Module 2 & 3

Basic Understanding of the Music Notation Staff, Clefs, Measures, time signatures
Different types of notes
Rhythmic notation, clapping and verbalization
Piano Scale exercises

Module 3 & 4

Reading and playing songs using two hands
Playing Basic songs
Legato, Staccato, Tied notes playing
Introduction of intervals (melodic and harmonic)
Playing in C and G positions
Piano scale exercises

Module 5 & 6

Learning the sharps and flats
Dynamics : pp, f, mf etc
Crescendo, Diminuendo
Introduction of Chords – one finger chord, three-finger chord
Reading and playing of more song using two hands

Module 7 & 8

Learning about 8 th, 16 th notes.
Learning the triads and the inversions
Learning the 7 th chord
The Circle of 5ths
The Major and Minor Chords

Module 9 & 10

Piano Stage Performance techniques
Reading and playing of more advanced songs
Performance showcase/recital


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