Songwriting Lesson

Songwriting Program Structure

(Basic and Intermediate Students)
Module 1

Vision Setting : What do we want to achieve?
How do we write a song?
Which goes first? the LRYIC or the MELODY?

Module 2

What makes a good LYRIC?
What makes a memorable MELODY?
What is your SONG STORY?
What is your SONG EMOTION?

Module 3

Song Analysis of hit songs and beautifully made songs as exercise
Techniques in writing good MELODY.
How to make an interesting lyric and melody from beginning till
How to make a good title?
How to make a good song hook?

Module 4

Different Elements of a Song variations of sequencing of a song creation
Song Analysis as exercise to understand the module

Module 5

Communicate LYRICS with emotions
SELF STORIES & OTHERS – source of good emotional handles
Techniques on how to have Lyrics retention.

Module 6

Lyric and Melody phrasing and metering
How to match lyrics with melody

Module 7

Song Contour
Dynamics and Rhythm
Visualization of instruments for the song

Module 8

Recording a song demo
The different roles in the music industry to help produce a song
Submission of demo for audition

Module 9

Song revisions, enhancements, polishing
Re-write, re-write, re-write
Choice of singer and musicians for the demo

Module 10

Performance Recital/Showcase


Annabelle Regalado Borja


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