Stage Performance Lesson

Stage Performance Program Structure

(Basic and Intermediate Students)
Module 1

Vision Setting : What do we want to achieve?
Introspection : Starting with SELF
(Physical, Emotional, Intellectual & Creative Understanding of SELF)

Module 2

Talent or Skill in Focus
My Performance Stage
My Performance equipment and props

Module 3

Dynamics & Self-Expression
Performance Interpretation (song, dance, instrument playing,
acting, hosting, modeling, etc)
Proper use of gestures and body movements

Module 4

Profiles and Angles
Physical Contours
Self SWOT Performance Analysis

Module 5

Creative Material Analysis
Internalization / Character immersion
The Character swap

Module 6

Diction, Clarity & Enunciation
Facial and Body Warm ups before Stage or Online Performance
Breathing Techniques

Module 7

Stage Performance Techniques
Conquering Fear when performing
Microphone/stand handling techniques

Module 8

Singing for Live stage performance, for theatre,
Recording techniques
Posture & Body Contour Positioning

Module 9

Deeper analysis of creative performance purpose
Communication & Audience Engagement techniques
Self Performance critic / Public critic

Module 10

Performance Recital/Showcase


Annabelle Regalado Borja


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